Company Information

The UGent Shop is operated by Unigear Belgium, part of Quintessence Business Development. Unigear is specialist in the management of sustainable merchandise for educational institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the promotional sector every year lot of products which produced, are very damaging to the environment and are even thown away by the recipient before using it, making them cause soiling of the world around us. Therefore, we believe that merchandise has to be produced in a environment friendly way. This means countering the throwaway culture (by only producing merchandise that do fit the needs of the target group and also reuse of products), but also create products that contribute to nature, the environment and people.

We aim for sustainable development in the entire chain, from production to delivery to the customer. Our support of Oxfam and our requirements in terms of Social Compliance and sustainable raw materials from our suppliers, bear witness to our commitment to society. The entire process, from procurement of raw materials to delivering the product to the consumer and the recycling thereof, each component must meet our sustainability criteria.

Unigear Belgium

Uitbreidingstraat 84 (3rd floor)

2600 Berchem                                                  Bank:  CRELAN: IBAN BE41 8508 4393 0310

T. + 32 (0)3 233 01 69                                      BIC SPAA BE 22                                               VAT Nr:  BE 881 339 723