From the Ivory Tower - 200 years Ghent University

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From the Ivory Tower’ tells the story of Ghent University and its societal impact, from its foundation in 1817 to the present day. From the very beginning, the university was closely involved in major social issues through its professors, students and former students, who sometimes played a leading role.


Gita Deneckere (b. 1964) is dean of the faculty of Arts & Philosophy and full professor at the History Department of Ghent University. She is a member of the board of directors and promoter of UGentMemorie, Ghent University’s virtual memory. Deneckere is known as a committed historian who combines scholarly depth with an imaginative, narrative style of writing.

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From the Ivory Tower - 200 years Ghent University

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Historian Gita Deneckere gives an overview of the main points of two hundred years of history in ten thematic chapters, ranging from pluralism & democratization, over gender & sexuality to environment & biotechnology. Each chapter ends with a contentious future issue. Besides archival and similar sources, the author also engaged in conversations with privileged witnesses to collect information. Their personal stories combined with the “big history” provide a monumental synthesis.

The author does not shy away from controversy. She clarifies why the university is important for everyone. This way, this celebratory book itself becomes an example of how science and engagement go hand in hand, in line with the motto “Dare To Think”.

This book is a must for everyone who is involved with or wants to know more about Ghent University as well as for all who are interested in the role the university plays within our current society.